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Early Career Awards

The Early Career Research Program supports the development of individual research programs of outstanding scientists early in their careers and stimulates research careers in the disciplines supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science. Opportunities exist in the following program areas: Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR), Biological and Environmental Research (BER), Basic Energy Sciences (BES), Fusion Energy Sciences (FES), High Energy Physics (HEP), and Nuclear Physics (NP).

For more specific information, see the DOE Office of Science Early Career Research Program website.

Early Career Awards Funded by TES Program

(Last Name)
(First Name)
Institution Project Start Project End Title Abstract Link
Hayes Daniel Oak Ridge National Laboratory/University of Maine 2012 2018 Model-Data Fusion Approaches for Retrospective and Predictive Assessment of the Pan-Arctic Scale Permafrost Carbon Feedback to Global Climate PDFPDF
Neumann Rebecca University of Washington 2013 2018 Methane Oxidation in the Rhizosphere of Wetland Plants PDFPDF
Cusack Daniela University of California, Los Angles 2016 2021 Consequences of Plant Nutrient Uptake for Soil Carbon Stabilization
Mayes Melanie Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2016 2021 A Comprehensive Framework for Modeling Emissions from Tropical Soils and Wetlands
McFarlane Karis Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2016 2021 Tropical Forest Response to a Drier Future: Turnover Times of Soil Organic Matter, Roots, Respired CO2, and CH4 Across Moisture Gradients in Time and Space


Past Awards

(Last Name)
(First Name)
Institution Project Start Project End Title Abstract Link
McDowell Nate Los Alamos National Laboratory 2010 2015 An Integrated Theory on the Mechanisms of Vegetation Survival and Mortality During Drought PDFPDF


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Meet FRED: A Global Fine-Root Ecology Database
A global Fine-Root Ecology Database to improve belowground understanding and modeling.

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