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2013 TES/SBR Joint Investigators Meeting: Individual Abstract PDFs

Author Program Abstract Title
Atekwana, Estella SBR Induced Polarization Signature of Biofilms in Porous Media: From Laboratory Experiments to Theoretical Developments and Validation
Bailey, Vanessa TES Reduced soil microbe resilience and respiration after a 17-year climate change experiment
Bain, John TES Optimizing Ground-Penetrating Radar for Measurement of Coarse Root Dynamics
Baldocchi, Dennis TES Findings from a decade-plus study of comparative carbon, water and energy fluxes from an oak and an annual grassland in the Mediterranean climate of California
Banfield, Jill SBR Genome-enabled analysis of subsurface microbial communities and their response to acetate stimulation
Bargar, John SBR SLAC SFA: Molecular-scale biogeochemical controls over uranium, sulfur, and iron redox cycling in the subsurface
Bargar, John SBR SLAC SFA: Biogeochemical controls over C, S, Fe, and U redox cycling in NOM- rich naturally reduced aquifer sediments
Barkay, Tamar SBR Oxidation of Hg(0) to Hg(II) by Anaerobic Bacteria: Its Effect on Hg Stable Isotope Fractionation and Methylmercury Production
Barnard, Holly TES Understanding the role of landscape structure in coupled carbon and water dynamics
Beller, Harry SBR Characterizing Metabolic Potential of the Subsurface for SFA 2.0
Bisht, Gautam TES Development of a Sub-meter Resolution Modeling Framework for Arctic Ecosystems: Coupling CLM and PFLOTRAN and Spatial Scaling Results
Blum, Joel SBR Isotopic Characterization of Biogeochemical Pools of Mercury and Determination of Reaction Pathways for Mercury Methylation
Boggs, MA SBR A Survey of Plutonium Sorption Behavior in Ternary Pu-DOM-Mineral Systems and Novel Spectroscopies to Probe Their Molecular Structure
Bouskill, Nicholas SBR Prognosing the niche and activity of microbial functional guilds using trait-based modeling
Boyanov, Maxim SBR Update on the factors controlling U(IV) speciation during (bio)reduction of aqueous and solid-phase U(VI): effects of phosphate and Ti(IV)
Bridgham, Scott TES Response of soil efflux to experimental warming and precipitation intensity depends upon latitudinal climate gradient in Pacific Northwest grasslands
Bridgham, Scott TES Pushing the limit: experimental evidence of climate effects on plant range distributions
Bridgham, Scott TES Consistent shifts in community composition and diversity in response to experimental climate manipulations across a latitudinal gradient in Pacific Northwest prairies
Burgos, Bill SBR Reactivity of Iron-Bearing Phyllosilicates with Uranium and Chromium Through Redox Transition Zones
Burns, Peter SBR Inorganic Geochemical Controls on Neptunium Transport: Co-Precipitation in Minerals
Butler, Elizabeth SBR Stability of Iron-Chromium Precipitates for Long Term In-Situ Chromium Immobilization
Campiglia, Andres SBR Field-Deployable Nanosensing Approach for Real-time Detection of Free Mercury Speciation and Quantification in Surface Stream Waters and Groundwater Samples at the U.S. DOE Contaminated Sites
Cardon, Zoe TES Hydraulic redistribution of water through plant roots – implications for carbon cycling and energy flux at multiple scales
Catalano, Jeffrey SBR Dominant Mechanisms of Uranium-Phosphate Reactions in Subsurface Sediments
Chambers, Jeff TES Toward a Predictive Understanding of BVOC Emissions from Tropical Forests
Chan, Clara SBR Fe-oxidizing microorganisms in microscopic model aquifer systems: toward understanding post-biostimulation permeability reduction and oxidative processes at the Rifle IFRC site
Chanton, Jeff TES Identifying Dissolved Organic Matter Decomposition in Northern Peatlands using Complimentary Analytical Techniques
Chen, Xingyuan SBR Improving the reactive transport modeling at the Hanford 300 Area with a Bayesian data assimilation framework
Chorover, Jon SBR Uranium and strontium fate in waste-weathered sediments: Scaling of molecular processes to predict reactive transport
Conrad, Mark SBR Isotopic Signatures of Groundwater Sources at the Rifle Site
Cooper, William TES Linking Chemical Signatures and Microbial Communities that Affect Carbon Cycling in Northern Peatlands
Criddle, Craig SBR IFRC Field observation of uranium sequestration in iron-rich sediments under sequential reduction-oxidation conditions at the DOE Oak Ridge IFRC
Curtis, Peter TES Resolving scale-dependencies in the effects of canopy structure on carbon, water, and energy fluxes in a mixed deciduous forest.
Curtis, Gary SBR Upscaling of U(VI) Desorption and Transport from Decimeter-Scale Heterogeneity to Plume-Scale Modeling
Curtis, Gary SBR Multiscale Assessment of Prediction Uncertainty in Coupled Reactive Transport Models
Dafflon, Baptiste TES Advanced Characterization of Active Layer and Permafrost Variability using Geophysical Approaches
Day-Lewis, Frederick SBR Geoelectrical Measurement of Multi-scale Mass Transfer Parameters
Devarakonda, Ranjeet TES NGEE Arctic Data Management – Status and Planned Activities for 2013
Domec, Jean-Christophe TES Convergence of the effect of root hydraulic functioning and root hydraulic redistribution on ecosystem carbon balance and drought-induced vegetation mortality across divergent forest ecosystems (ORAL PRESENTATION)
Druhan, Jennifer SBR Sulfur cycling and isotopic fractionation in biostimulated Rifle sediments
Ehleringer, Jim TES Evaluation of the seasonal dynamics of photosynthesis and drought stress in CMIP5 models
Elias, Dwayne SBR Mercury Methylation: Microbial Species and Communities Involved in Hg Transformations (ORNL Hg SFA, Microbial Genetics and Transformations)
Ewing, Robert SBR Effects of pore-scale physics on uranium geochemistry in Hanford sediments
Fendorf, Scott SBR Subsurface Conditions Controlling Uranium Retention Pathways
Fischer, Marc TES Full-column Greenhouse Gas Profiles Measured at ARM SGP
Geiger, Franz SBR Interaction of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) with ALD-Hematite Studied by Second Harmonic Generation
Genereux, David TES Investigating the balance between uptake and export for inorganic carbon discharged to rainforest streams from regional groundwater, Costa Rica
Gonzales-Meler, Miquel TES Biophysical drivers of CO2 and CH4 emissions from moist acidic tundra upon experimental warming
Gorby, Yuri SBR Bacterial Nanowires and Extracellular Electron Transfer to Heavy Metals and Radionuclides by Bacterial Isolates from DOE Field Research Centers
Graham, David TES Biogeochemical controls on microbial CO2 and CH4 production in anoxic low-centered polygon soils from the Barrow Environmental Observatory
Griffiths, Natalie TES Spatial and temporal variation in peat pore water chemistry of a northern peatland: Reference conditions of a large-scale climate change experiment (SPRUCE)
Gu, Baohua TES Geochemical Controls on the Immobilization of Metals and Radionuclides and Microbial Activity in a Highly Contaminated, Acidic Aquifer
Gu, Baohua TES Profiling mercury binding functional groups in natural organic matter and methylating bacteria
Gu, Lianhong SBR Photosynthetic Activity and Net Carbon Uptake in a Drought-Prone Temperate Deciduous Forest
Gu, Lianhong SBR Use of MOFLUX data to advance ecosystem process understanding and improve global carbon cycle models
Gu (IFRC), Baohua SBR Microbial cell surface interactions and biogeochemical controls on mercury (Hg) redox transformation and methylation
Hammond, Glenn SBR System Scale Imaging and Modeling of Groundwater-River Water Exchange at the Hanford 300 Area
Hanson, Paul TES Peatland microbial responses to moisture manipulation in laboratory mesocosms
Hanson, Paul and Schadt TES ORNL's Terrestrial Ecosystem Science Scientific Focus Area
Hanson, Paul and Steinweg TES Evaluating high-carbon peatland responses to environmental change: a report on pre-treatment C stocks and fluxes for a characteristic ombrotrophic bog and projected response to warming by elevated CO2 treatments
Hanson, Paul and Weston TES Long-term Experiments and Observations: Fertile Ground for Model Benchmarking and Improvement In the Context of Environmental Change
Hatten, Jeff TES Exploratory Research - Volatile organic compounds as indicators of belowground processes: Partitioning heterotrophic and autotrophic forest soil respiration
Hayes, Kim SBR Assessing the Role of Iron Sulfides in the Long-Term Sequestration of Uranium by Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB)
Hicks-Pries, Caitlin TES The vulnerability of subsurface soil organic carbon to in situ warming and altered root carbon inputs: a project of the LBNL TES SFA
Hinkle, Ross TES Carbon Dynamics of the Greater Everglades Watershed and Implications of Climate Change
Hinzman, Larry TES Quantifying the Interactions of Geomorphic, Hydrologic and Thermal Processes to Improve Predictions of Climate Impacts and Feedbacks in the Arctic
Hobbie, Erik TES Fungal functioning in a pine forest: evidence from a 15N-labeled and 13C- labeled global change experiment
Hollinger, David TES Supporting carbon cycle and earth systems modeling with measurements and analysis from the Howland AmeriFlux Site.
Holm, Jennifer TES Disturbance-Recovery and Climate System Feedbacks from Tropical Forests
Hook, Les TES ORNL's TES SFA Data and Model Management and Archiving to Enhance Model- Experiment-Observation Interactions
Hsu-Kim, Heileen SBR Dissolution Potential and Bioavailability of Nanoscale Mercury Sulfides
Hubbard, Susan SBR LBNL Sustainable Systems Scientific Focus Area: Overview
Iversen, Colleen TES The distribution and dynamics of fine roots in a forested bog in northern Minnesota, USA
Jaffe, Peter SBR Evolution of Methanogenesis during Biostimulation of Alluvial Sediments
Jaffe, Peter SBR Uranium Transport across Ground Water Surface Water Interfaces: Effect of Wetland Plants on the Sediment Biogeochemistry
Jansson, Janet TES Impact of fire and natural thaw on permafrost microbial communities and functions
Jastrow, Julie TES Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Responses throughout Twelve Years of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment in Deciduous Forest
Jastrow, Julie TES Climatic and edaphic controls over root decomposition and leaf litter inputs to components of mineral-associated soil organic matter
Johs, Alexander SBR The Genetic Basis of Bacterial Mercury Methylation
Katul, Gabriel TES Constraining the simultaneous effects of elevated atmospheric CO2, temperature, and shifts in rainfall patterns on ecosystem carbon fluxes using multi-scale resource optimization theories
Katul, Gabriel TES The role of stomatal signaling on plant water and carbon balance
Keating, Kristina SBR Integrated geophysical measurements for bioremediation monitoring: combining NMR, magnetic methods and SIP.
Keeling, Ralph TES Large-scale shifts in land metabolic activity indicated by changing seasonal cycle of atmospheric CO2
Kemner, Ken SBR Investigations of the physical and chemical characteristics of carbon in the subsurface and root zones to improve Earth system modeling of the biogeochemical cycling of carbon
Kersting, Annie SBR Biogeochemical Controls on Plutonium Transport
Kostka, Joel TES Toward a predictive understanding of microbial carbon turnover in a northern peatland.
Kueppers, Lara TES Responses of subalpine tree recruitment to warming within and above current altitudinal ranges
Kumar, Jitendra TES Multi-Scale Modeling of Eco-Hydrologic Processes in Arctic Ecosystems
Li, Li SBR Effects of illite spatial distribution on Cr(VI) sorption dynamics
Litvack, Marcy TES Carbon and energy balance consequences of widespread mortality in pinon- juniper woodlands
Liu, Chongxuan SBR Development of Reaction-based Process Models for Complex Subsurface Systems
Liu, Chongxuan TES A Unified Multi-Scale Model for Cross-Scale Assessment of Biogeochemical Process Models in Soils
Loeffler, Frank SBR Exploring the Responses of Metal-Reducing Bacteria to Fluctuating Redox Conditions
Lovley, Derek SBR The Mechanism for Fe(III) Oxide Reduction in Geobacter sulfurreducens
Lovley, Derek SBR Detailed Modeling of Uranium Mobility Under a Combined Influence of Microbial Activities and Geochemical Transformations
Lovley, Derek SBR Remote, Real-Time Measurements of In Situ Rates of Microbial Activity in a Diversity of Soils and Sediments
Lu, Yi SBR Catalytic DNA Biosensors for Radionuclides and Metal Ions
Lundstrom, Craig SBR Development of U isotope fractionation as an indicator of U(VI) reduction in U plumes
Luo, Yiqi TES Evaluating and Improving Performances of Global Land-surface Models through Data Synthesis and Data Assimilation
Mailloux, Brian SBR Linking As, Se, V, and Mn Behavior to Natural and Biostimulated Uranium Cycling
Mao, Jiafu TES Evaluation and Development of CLM based on PiTS and EBIS observations
Marshall, Matthew SBR Multi-system Analysis of Microbial Biofilms
Maseyk, Kadmiel TES COS Flux Measurements: New Instrumentation and Eddy Flux Observations for a Carbon Cycle Tracer at One-Millionth the Concentration of CO2
Matamala, Roser TES Biological invasions impact ecosystem properties and affect microclimate
Mayes, Melanie TES Development and Testing the Microbial ENzyme Decomposition (MEND) Model
Mays, David SBR Colloid Deposit Morphology and Permeability of Porous Media
McDowell, Nate TES Testing the effects of heat and drought on plant mortality and survival
McFarlane, Karis TES Elucidating the fate, transport and processes controlling carbon on the landscape: Biogeochemistry tools for the 21st century
McKinley, Jim SBR River Water Intrusion and Related Contributions of Contaminant U During Springtime Runoff Events at the Hanford Site SFA
Megonigal, Pat TES Cryptic Methane Emissions from Upland Forest Ecosystems
Melillo, Jerry TES Climate Change and Soil Feedbacks to the Climate System: new process-level insights from a 22-year field study
Miller, Carrie SBR Factors influencing sediment methylmercury concentrations in a mercury- contaminated creek
Moore, David TES The impact of Mountain Pine Beetle disturbance on carbon cycling in high elevation Western forests
Moser, Duane SBR Radiochemically-Supported Microbial Communities: A Potential Mechanism for Biocolloid Production of Importance to Actinide Transport
Munger, J William TES Analysis of forest growth in long-term data sets from the Harvard Forest
Myneni, Satish SBR Role of Sulfhydryl Sites on Bacterial Cell Walls in the Biosorption, Mobility and the Bioavailability of Mercury
Nelson, William SBR Effect of Floodplain-Scale Processes on Microbial Community Structure and Function
Newman TES Linking Permafrost Hydrology and Biogeochemistry: Using Stable Isotopes to Support Conceptual and Quantitative Modeling in the NGEE Arctic Project
Nico, Peter SBR Coupling between iron and organic matter cycling: implications for carbon stability and iron reactivity
O'Day, Peggy SBR Molecular mechanisms and kinetics of microbial anaerobic nitrate-dependent U(IV) and Fe(II) oxidation
O'Loughlin, Edward SBR Coupled Processes in the Biogeochemical Dynamics of Fe, S, and C under Sulfate- and Iron-Reducing Conditions
Osuna, Jessica TES A New Method for Reducing Uncertainty in Biospheric CO2 flux: A case study at Tonzi AmeriFlux Site
Painter, Scott TES Overview of NGEE Arctic Fine- and Intermediate-Scale Model Development
Palmroth, Sari TES Quantifying the impact of nighttime transpiration on the magnitude of hydraulic redistribution in an unmanaged forest ecosystem (Duke Hardwood site, NC)
Pelini, Shannon TES Open-top warming chambers reveal contrasting ecological responses of high and low latitude arthropod populations and communities
Pendall, Elise TES Ecosystem phenology, restoration, and carbon cycling responses at the Prairie Heating and CO2 Enrichment Experiment
Pfiffner, Susan SBR IFRC Metaproteomics of Metal and Radionuclide Bioreduction
Phillips, Rich TES Towards the development of field methods to characterize environmental controls on rhizosphere priming effects
Pockman, William TES Responses of pinon and juniper to rainfall manipulation: mechanisms of drought-induced mortality and the implications of long-term acclimation.
Powell, Brian SBR Development of a Self-Consistent Model of Plutonium Sorption: Quantification of Sorption Enthalpy and Ligand-Promoted Dissolution
Rajaram, Harihar SBR Scale-Dependent Fracture-Matrix Interactions And Their Impact on Radionuclide Transport
Reed, Sasha TES It's all connected: Linking above- and belowground dryland responses to climate change
Reich, Peter TES B4WarmED: An open-air process-oriented experiment exploring southern boreal forest response to future climate warming and precipitation shifts
Resh, Sigrid TES Interactive effects of climate change and decomposer communities on the stabilization of wood-derived carbon in soils: Catalyst for a new study
Revil (IFRC), Andre SBR Geochemical and geophysical responses during the infiltration of fresh water into the contaminated saprolite of the Oak Ridge Integrated Field Research Challenge site, Tennessee
Ricciuto, Daniel TES Modeling the terrestrial carbon cycle at regional to global scales: Parameter sensitivity and evaluation against benchmarks
Riley, William TES Developing an improved CLM for high-latitude ecosystems: Above and belowground BGC, lateral subsurface hydrologic flow, and subsurface reactive transport
Riscassi, Ami SBR Storm dynamics of Hg and MeHg in East Fork Poplar Creek: What can it tell us about transport and source areas of Hg and MeHg within the catchment?
Roden, Eric SBR Microbial chemolithoautotrophic oxidation of pyrite at circumneutral pH
Rogers, Alistair TES Vc,max, Earth System Models and the Arctic
Romanovsky, Vladimir TES Measuring and Modeling Changes in Permafrost Temperature at the UAF NGEE Arctic Permafrost Observatory in Barrow, Alaska
Rosso, Kevin SBR Redox Behavior of Hanford 300A Fe-Phyllosilicates, Fe-Oxides and Key Biomolecules
Rowland, Joel TES Use of high-resolution topographic and multispectral data to quantify and characterize polygonal ground attributes in Barrow, Alaska
Sanstchi, Peter SBR Plutonium Immobilization and Re-mobilization by Soil Mineral-Organic Matter Matrix Compounds
Santschi, Peter SBR Collaborative Research: The Importance of Organo-Iodine and Iodate in Iodine-127,129 Speciation, Mobility, and Microbial Activity in Groundwater at DOE Sites
Schafer, Karina TES Hydrological response of an upland oak/pine forest on the Atlantic Coastal Plain to drought and disturbance
Schafer, Karina TES Impacts of fire intensity on water use efficiency and photosynthetic capacity in an upland oak-pine forest
Schafer, Karina TES Exploring the influence of time and spatial resolution on the prediction of latent heat fluxes
Scherer, Michelle SBR Electron Transfer and Atom Exchange Between Fe(II) and Structural Fe(III) in Clays
Schuur, Edward TES Effects of experimental warming of permafrost on ecosystem carbon balance in Alaskan tundra
Sharp, Jonathan (Josh) SBR Coupled biogeochemical exploration of contaminant mobility at the microbe / mineral interface
Shi, Liang TES Electron Transfer Mechanisms for Microbial Iron Redox Cycle in Hanford Subsurface Sediments
Shi, Xiaoying SBR Development and testing the hydrological dynamics of vegetated wetland for CLM
Shoemaker, Julie TES Environmental drivers of whole-ecosystem methane fluxes from a lowland evergreen forest
Sloan, Victoria TES Using vegetation and soil characteristics to inform model scaling of a polygonal tundra landscape
Smith, Jeremy SBR Basis for Strong Affinity of Mercury for Soft Ligands and Computational Studies of Mercuric Reductase (MerA) Mechanism
Smith, Lydia TES Process-level controls on greenhouse gas emissions in Arctic coastal tundra
Smith, Melinda SBR Low resistance but high resilience of a grassland ecosystem to Dust Bowl magnitude drought
Smith, Robert TES Persistence of Microbially Facilitated Calcite Precipitation as an in situ Treatment for Strontium-90 and Other Metal Contaminant
Sobecky, Patricia SBR Uranium Biomineralization by Natural Microbial Phosphatase Activities in the Subsurface
Steefel, Carl SBR Development of a Genome-Enabled Watershed Simulation Capability (GEWaSC).
Stegen, James SBR Quantifying Subsurface Microbial Community Assembly Processes
Summers, Anne SBR Defining the Molecular-Cellular-Field Continuum of Hg Detoxification
Summers, Anne SBR Identifying Components of Toxic Metal Stress and Hg Methylation with Global Proteomics
Taillefert, Martial SBR Mineral Solubility and Free Energy Controls on Microbial Reaction Kinetics: Application to Contaminant Transport in the Subsurface
Tang, Jim TES Stem respiration and its connection with soil respiration in a temperate forest
Tang, Jinyun TES A microbial organic matter decomposition model based on the dynamic energy budget theory and trait-based modeling approach: model structure and preliminary analysis
Tang, Guoping SBR IFRC An Integrated Experimental and Modeling Study of U(VI) Bioreduction with Emulsified Vegetable Oil as Electron Donor from Laboratory to Field Scales
Tas, Neslihan TES Microbial ecology across polygon features at the NGEE-Arctic Barrow site
Tebo, Bradley SBR Manganese redox mediation of UO2 stability and U fate in the subsurface: Molecular and meter scale dynamics
Teixeira, Kristina TES Savanna and an annual grassland in the Mediterranean climate of California
Tien, Ming SBR Survival During Long Term Starvation: Global Proteomics Analysis of Geobacter sulfurreducens Under Prolong Electron Acceptor and Donor Limitation
Torn, Margaret TES LBNL Terrestrial Ecosystem Science SFA: Controls on Belowground Carbon Cycling
Torn, Margaret TES The AmeriFlux Management Program: Overview
Torn, Margaret TES The AmeriFlux Management Program: Technical QA/QC for all AmeriFlux sites, and establishment of long term AmeriFlux Core Sites
Valocchi, Albert SBR Microbiological-enhanced mixing across scales during in-situ bioreduction of metals and radionuclides at Department of Energy Sites, DE-SC0006771
Walker, Anthony TES FACE experiment model inter-comparison synthesis.
Wang, Dali TES A high performance data platform for terrestrial ecosystem modeling
Wankel, Scott SBR IFRC Multi-isotope tools for understanding interactions of nitrogen cycling with iron and uranium in the subsurface
Watson, David SBR IFRC Hydrobiogeochemical Interactions along Flow Tubes Controls Watershed Scale Contaminant Flow and Transformation at the Oak Ridge IFRC
Weber, Karrie SBR Impact of viral infection of microbiota on subsurface biogeochemistry
Wehr, Richard TES Partitioning CO2 fluxes with isotopologue measurements and modeling to understand mechanisms of forest carbon sequestration
Wilkins, Michael SBR Proteins in the subsurface - understanding microbial function and metabolism using proteogenomics
Wullschleger, Stan TES Advanced Characterization of Active Layer and Permafrost Variability using Geophysical Approaches
Yabusaki, Steve SBR Field-scale simulations of engineered bioreduction: Super 8, proteomics, genome-scale metabolic modeling, and beyond
Yang, Xiaojuan TES Modeling P dynamics and P limitation on productivity in tropical forests
Ye, Ming SBR Computational Bayesian Framework for Quantification and Reduction of Predictive Uncertainty in Groundwater Reactive Transport Modeling
Zachara, John SBR Biogeochemical Investigations Across Oxidation-Reduction Boundaries at the Hanford Site SFA