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2014 TES/SBR Joint Investigators Meeting: Individual Abstract PDFs

Abstract Title Author(s) Activity / Group
The GEWaSC Framework: A Genome-Enabled Approach to MultiScale Modeling of Complex Microbial, Biogeochemical and Hydrological Processes C. Steefel, E. BrodiePresentation
NGEE-Arctic: Migrating Knowledge across Scales to Improve Climate Prediction P. ThorntonPresentation
Diagnosing Scaling Behavior of Groundwater with a Fully-Integrated, High Resolution Hydrologic Model Simulated over the Continental US: Watersheds to Continents R. MaxwellPresentation
Multiscale Modeling of Land-Atmosphere Interactions in CESM S. DenningPresentation
The S1 Bog Carbon Cycle and Projected Warming Responses for the SPRUCE Experiment P. HansonPresentation
Coupling Peat Decomposition and Metagenomics to Incorporate Molecular Scale Processes into Climate Models J. KostkaPresentation
Do all 'Bogs' have Similar Anaerobic Carbon Dynamics and Microbial Community Structure? Putting the SPRUCE Site in a Regional Perspective S. BridghamPresentation
Organic N cycling at SPRUCE K. HofmockelPresentation
An Overview of EMSL Science and an Example from Recent Structural Studies of the Major Pilin Protein from Geobacter sulfurreducens K. MuellerPresentation
High-Resolution Molecular Profiling of Permafrost Soil Organic Carbon Composition and Degradation B. GuPresentation
Multi-System Analysis of Microbial Biofilms M. MarshallPresentation
Pore-Scale and Continuum Simulation of Microfluidics Experiments on Reactive Transport and Multiphase Flow Conducted at EMSL A. ValocchiPresentation
X-ray Tomographic Imaging of Hydraulic Modeling of Plant Roots C. LiuPresentation
Connecting Soil Organic Matter (SOM) Residence Time with SOM Molecular Structure and the Soil Environment M. TornPresentation
Integrated Soil Organic C Analyses at EMSL Enable New Understanding of Soil C Protection Mechanisms V. BaileyPresentation
Uranium Immobilization in an Iron- and Organic Matter-Rich Rhizosphere of a Native Wetland Plant D. KaplanPresentation
Electron Transfer and Atom Exchange Between Fe(II) and Structural Fe(III) in Clays M. SchererPresentation
Reactivity of Iron-Bearing Phyllosilicates with Uranium and Chromium Through Redox Transition Zones B. BurgosPresentation
Dominant Mechanisms of Uranium-Phosphate Reactions in Subsurface Sediments J. CatalanoPresentation
Scaling of Molecular Processes to Quantify Biogeochemical Reaction and Transport of Uranium in Subsurface Systems P. O’DayPresentation
Methane Oxidation in Boreal Peatlands: A Joint Field, Laboratory and Modeling Investigation R. NeumannPresentation
Microbial Dynamics in Arctic Tundra Soils: The Interplay of Plants, Soils, and Extreme Climate M. WallensteinPresentation
Strikingly Different Form of Organic Carbon in Soils of Temperate and Permafrost Soils: Implications for Carbon and Metal Cycling S. MyneniPresentation
Fate of Uranium During Transport Across the Groundwater-Surface Water Interface P. JaffePresentation
Model-Data Synthesis of Ecosystem Responses to Elevated CO2: From Deserts to Temperate Forests of the U.S A. WalkerPresentation
Integrating Microbial Ecology with Hydro-Biogeochemistry J. StegenPresentation
The Challenges and Opportunities for Extending Plant Genomics to Climate Research and Modeling D. WestonPresentation
Hydraulic Redistribution of Water through Plant Roots - Implications for Carbon Cycling and Energy Flux at Multiple Scales Z. CardonPresentation
Multiscale Modeling of Ecosystem Structure and Function G. KatulPresentation
B4WarmED: Warming X Rainfall Manipulation Shifts Integrated Soil and Plant Community Processes in a Boreal Ecotone Experiment P. ReichPresentation
Carbon and Energy Balance Consequences of Widespread Mortality in Pinon-Juniper Woodlands M. LitvakPresentation
Resistance and Resilience of a Grassland Ecosystem to Climate Extremes M. SmithPresentation
Deconvolving Local Versus Regional Controls over Plant and Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change in Pacific Northwest Prairies L. Pfeifer-MeisterPresentation
Geophysical Evidence for Surface-Subsurface Interactions in Arctic Tundra S. HubbardPresentation
Geomorphological Controls on Water and Terrestrial Ecosystem Processes within Ice-Rich Polygonal Landscapes C. WilsonPresentation
Multi-Disciplinary Research Targets Improved Representation of Arctic Ecosystems in Earth System Models D. GrahamPresentation
The Impact of Permafrost Carbon Loss on the Carbon Balance of an Experimentally Warmed Tundra Ecosystem T. SchuurPresentation
Diversity and Metabolic Potential of the Terrestrial Subsurface Microbiome and its Influence on Biogeochemical Cycling J. BanfieldPresentation
Omics and Geochemistry: the ENIGMA 100-Well Survey T. HazenPresentation
Hg(0) Oxidation by Anaerobic Bacteria N. YeePresentation
Sulfur-Mediated Electron Shuttling during Bacterial Iron Reduction T. FlynnPresentation
Experiment-Inspired Software Design and Ecosystem Modular Testing for CLM Development D. Wang Presentation
Expanding the Role of Reactive Transport Modeling within the Biogeochemical Sciences L. Li Presentation
Multi-system Analysis of Microbial Biofilms Matthew Marshall (matthew.marshall@pnnl.gov) - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PI), S.M. Belchik, A. E. Tucker, E.A. Hill, X. Hua, X-Y. Yu, B. Liu, Z. Wang, Z. Zhou, W.B. Chrisler, A.C. Dohnalkova; PNNL (Co-PIs). SBR Early Career
Computational Bayesian Framework for Quantification and Reduction of Predictive Uncertainty in Groundwater Reactive Transport Modeling Ming Ye (mye@fsu.edu) - Florida State University (PI) SBR Early Career
15N and 18O Isotope Systematics of Anaerobic Abiotic Reduction of Nitrite by Iron (II) Scott Wankel (sdwankel@whoi.edu) - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution - project leader, David Johnston - Harvard University (PI); Carolyn Buchwald - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Colleen Hansel - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; David Johnston - Harvard University (Co-PIs). SBR Institute
Interconnected Cycling of Fe, S, and C in the Terrestrial Subsurface: New Paths and Opportunities for Coupling Biotic and Abiotic Processes Dionysios Antonopoulos (dantonopoulos@anl.gov) - Argonne National Laboratory, Edward J. O'Loughlin (PI), Theodore M. Flynn (ANL); Kim M. Handley (ANL); Man Jae Kwon (ANL); Daniela Bartels (ANL); Maxim I. Boyanov (ANL); Folker Meyer (ANL); Bhoopesh Mishra (ANL); William L. Trimble (ANL); Philip E. Long (LBNL); Kenneth H. Williams (LBNL); Thomas J. DiChristina (Georgia Institute of Technology); Kenneth M. Kemner (ANL) (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Characterizing Biogeochemical Hot Spots and Hot Moments in a Floodplain System Bhavna Arora (barora@lbl.gov) - Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (PI), Haruko M. Wainwright, LBL; Dipankar Dwivedi, LBL;Carl I. Steefel, LBL; Eoin Brodie, LBL; Alexis Navarre-Sitchler, CSM; Rodrigo Prugue, CSM; Amy Kenwell, CSM; Kenneth H. Williams, LBL; Susan Hubbard, LBL (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Sustainable Systems SFA 2.0: Extensive Genome-Resolved Analyses Reveal Roles for Uncultivated Archaea and Bacteria in Subsurface Biogeochemical Cycling Jillian Banfield (jbanfield@berkeley.edu) - UC Berkeley (PI), Harry R. Beller (LBNL); Eoin L. Brodie (LBNL); Mike J. Wilkins (PNNL); Kenneth H. Williams (LBNL) (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
SLAC SFA: Coupled Cycling of Organic Matter, Uranium, and Biogeochemical Critical Elements in Subsurface Systems John Bargar (bargar@slac.stanford.edu) - SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory -Project Leader (PI), Scott Fendorf2, Chris A. Francis2, Alfred M. Spormann2, Sharon E. Bone1, Noemie Janot1, and Morris E. Jones2; (Co-PIs). Affiliations: 1SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, 2Stanford University. SBR SFA
SLAC SFA: Characterization of Uranium and Biogeochemical Critical Elements in Organic-Rich Sediments John Bargar (bargar@slac.stanford.edu) - SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory- Project Leader (PI), Sharon E. Bone1, Noemie Janot1, Scott Fendorf2, Morris E. Jones2, Kenneth H. Williams3, Philip E. Long3, Stan D. Wullschleger4, Elizabeth Herndon4, and Baohua Gu; (Co-PIs). Affiliations: 1SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, 2Stanford University, 3Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 4Oak Ridge National Laboratory. SBR SFA
Uranium Biogeochemistry in Organic-Rich Sediments: Laboratory Analog Studies John Bargar (bargar@slac.stanford.edu) - SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (PI), Scott Fendorf, Stanford University; Morris E. Jones, Stanford University; Sharon Bone, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Chemolithoautotrophy in the Rifle subsurface relevant to C, S, and Fe cycling Harry Beller (HRBeller@lbl.gov) - LBNL (PI), Jillian Banfield (UC Berkeley); Eoin Brodie (LBNL); Kenneth Williams (LBNL); Michael Wilkins (Ohio State University); Robert Hettich (ORNL) (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Microbial Sorption of Plutonium and the Role of Extracellular Polymeric Substances Mark Boggs (boggs6@llnl.gov) - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Mark Antony Boggs (PI), Annie Kersting; Mavrik Zavarin (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Redox Dynamics of Hg and U: Mn(II) as a Reductant of Hg(II) and the Influence of Mineral Surface Sites on the Speciation of U(IV) Maxim Boyanov (mboyanov@anl.gov) - Argonne National Laboratory 2- Project component leader (PI); Co-PIs: Bhoopesh Mishra1,3; Drew Latta1,4; Ed O'Loughlin1; Ken Kemner1; 1. Biosciences Division, Argonne National Laboratory; 2. Institute of Chemical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; 3. Department of Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology; 4. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Iowa. SBR SFA
Diel mercury-concentration variations in a mercury impacted stream Scott Brooks (brookssc@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PI), Ami L. Riscassi (ORNL- University of Virginia); Carrie L. Miller (ORNL) (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
PNNL SBR SFA: Data Management and Assimilation Xingyuan Chen (xingyuan.chen@pnnl.gov) - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PI), Glenn E. Hammond, SNL; Tim Johnson, PNNL (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Iron and organic matter dynamics under fluctuating redox conditions Cristina Cismasu (accismasu@lbl.gov) - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, P.S. Nico (PI), P.S. Nico, LBNL, project leader; K.H. Williams, LBNL (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Isotopic Evidence for Biogeochemical Interactions Between the Unsaturated Zone and Groundwater in the Rifle Floodplain Mark E. Conrad (msconrad@lbl.gov) - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Susan Hubbard (PI), John N. Christensen (LBNL); Markus Bill (LBNL); Jiamin Wan (LBNL); Kenneth H. Williams (LBNL); Tetsu K. Tokunaga (LBNL) (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Organismal and Environmental Level Investigations of the Mercury Methylating Genes hgcAB Dwayne Elias (eliasda@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Scott Brooks (PI), Richard A. Hurt Jr.1, Anil C. Somenahally1, Romain Bridou3, Steven D. Smith3, Mircea Podar1, Steven D. Brown1, Craig C. Brandt1, Anthony V. Palumbo1, Judy D. Wall3, Cynthia C. Gilmour2; (Co-PIs). 1 Oak Ridge National Laboratory.; 2 Smithsonian Environmental Research Center; 3 University of Missouri, Department of Biochemistry. SBR SFA
Molecular Biology Level Investigations of the Mercury Methylating Genes hgcAB Dwayne Elias (eliasda@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Scott Brooks (PI), Richard A. Hurt Jr.1, Anil C. Somenahally1, Romain Bridou3, Steven D. Smith3, Mircea Podar1, Steven D. Brown1, Jerry M. Parks1, Alexander Johs1, Craig C. Brandt1, Anthony V. Palumbo1, Judy D. Wall3, Cynthia C. Gilmour2; (Co-PIs). 1 Oak Ridge National Laboratory.; 2 Smithsonian Environmental Research Center; 3 University of Missouri, Department of Biochemistry. SBR SFA
Identification and quantification of mercury binding functional groups in natural organic matter and methylating bacteria Baohua Gu (gub1@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PI), Benjamin Mann; Hui Lin; Balaji Rao; Liyuan Liang (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
System Fluxes: Task 1 Maoyi Huang (maoyi.huang@pnnl.gov) - PNNL, (PI). SBR SFA
The LBNL Sustainable Systems Subsurface Biogeochemistry SFA 2.0: Overview Susan Hubbard (sshubbard@lbl.gov) - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PI), Jillian F. Banfield (UCB/LBNL), Harry R. Beller (LBNL), Eoin Brodie (LBNL), Phillip E. Long (LBNL), Peter Nico (LBNL), Carl Steefel (LBNL), Tetsu Tokunaga (LBNL), Kenneth H. Williams (LBNL), Deb Agarwal (LBNL); and the SFA 2.0 Team; (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
The Molecular Basis of Mercury Methylation: Expression, Purification and Characterization of HgcA Alexander Johs (johsa@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Scott Brooks (PI), D. Riccardi, A. Belic, - ORNL;; S. J. Tomanicek - UTK;; R. Bridou, S. D. Smith, J. D. Wall - U. Missouri; J. M. Parks, D. A. Elias, Jeremy C. Smith (project lead) - ORNL/UTK (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Synchrotron-based characterization of the physical and chemical characteristics of carbon in the subsurface and root zones to improve Earth system modeling of biogeochemical cycling of carbon Ken Kemner (kemner@anl.gov) - Argonne National Laboratory (PI), B. Mishra (Illinois Institute of Technology & ANL); E. J. O'Loughlin (ANL); M. I. Boyanov- (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences & ANL); S. O'Brien (ANL); V. Bailey (PNNL); A. Konopka (PNNL); J. Jastrow (ANL); C. Liang (ANL); M. Balasubramaniam (ANL); R. Gordon (ANL); B. Cooper (Florida State University); J. Chanton (Florida State University); M. Tfaily (PNNL and Florida State University) (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Identifying Molecular Scale Mechanisms Controlling Actinide Transport Annie Kersting (kersting1@llnl.gov) - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (PI), Mavrik Zavarin (lead scientist); Brian Powell (Clemson Univ.); (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
LBNL Sustainable Systems SFA 2.0: Genome-enabled watershed simulation capability (GEWaSC) Eric King (eking@lbl.gov) - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Susan Hubbard (PI), S. Molins1, U. Karaoz1, N.J. Bouskill1, L.A. Hug2, B.C. Thomas2, C.J. Castelle2, H.R. Beller1, J.F. Banfield2, C.I. Steefel1, E.L. Brodie1 (Co-PIs). 1 LBNL, 2 ORNL, 3University of California, Berkeley. SBR SFA
Microbial cell surface interactions and biogeochemical controls on mercury (Hg) redox transformation and methylation Hui Lin (linh1@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Lab (PI), Balaji Rao; Benjamin Mann; Dwayne Elias; Liyuan Liang; Baohua Gu (project leader) (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Hydro-Biogeochemical Process Dynamics in the Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction Zone: Fundamental Mechanisms and Mechanism-based Models Chongxuan Liu (Chongxuan.liu@pnnl.gov) - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PI), Hyun-Seon Song; Liang Shi; William Nelson; Kevin Rosso; Jim Fredrickson; John Zachara (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Characteristics of the Hanford Reach of the Columbia River Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction Zone for Investigating Hydro-Biogeochemical Process Dynamics Chris Murray (chris.murray@pnnl.gov) - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, John Zachara (PI), Jim Fredrickson (PNNL); Tim Scheibe (PNNL) (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Hydro-Biogeochemical Process Dynamics in the Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction Zone: Macroscopic Processes William Nelson (william.nelson@pnnl.gov) - PNNL, John Zachara (PI), James Stegen (Project Leader); Glenn Hammond; Eric Roden; Tim Johnson; Evan Arntzen; Xingyuan Chen; Chris Murray; Tim Scheibe; James Fredrickson; John Zachara (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Organic-Mineral Dynamics Component of LBNL SFA2.0 Peter Nico (psnico@lbl.gov) - LBNL, Susan Hubbard (LBNL) (PI), Cristina Cismasu (LBNL); Patricia Fox (LBNL); Ben Gilbert (LBNL); Jim Davis (LBNL) (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Geochemical and microbiological response to oxidant introduction into reduced Hanford 300 Area sediments Eric Roden (eroden@geology.wisc.edu) - University of Wisconsin-Madison (PI), Elizabeth M. Percak-Dennett, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Allan E. Konopka, and James P. McKinley, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Redox Transition Zone Phyllosilicate Reactivity: Thermodynamics and Microscopic Processes Kevin Rosso (kevin.rosso@pnnl.gov) - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Andrew Felmy (PI); Kevin Rosso (PI) (PI), Odeta Qafoku, PNNL; Mark Bowden, PNNL; Vitali Alexandrov, PNNL; Carolyn Pearce, U. of Manchester; Eugene Ilton, PNNL; Chongxuan Liu, PNNL (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Multiscale Science and Modeling: Task 4 Timothy Scheibe (tim.scheibe@pnnl.gov) - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, John Zachara (PI), Ilenia Battiato (Clemson University); Alexander Tartakovsky (PNNL); Chongxuan Liu (PNNL); Xingyuan Chen (PNNL); Maoyi Huang (PNNL) (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Microbial Extracellular Electron Transfer Mechanism in Hanford Subsurface Geobacter spp Liang Shi (liang.shi@pnnl.gov) - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PI), Yimo Liu1, Zheming Wang1, Juan Liu1, Caleb Levar2, Marcus J. Edwards3, Jerome T. Babauta4, David W. Kennedy1, Zhi Shi1, Eric E. Roden5, Haluk Beyenal4, Daniel R. Bond2, Thomas A. Clarke3, Julea N. Butt3, David J. Richardson3, Kevin M. Rosso1, John M. Zachara1 and James K. Fredrickson1; (Co-PIs). 1 PNNL, 2 University of Minnesota, 3 University of East Anglia, 4 Washington State University, 5 University of Wisconsin-Madison. SBR SFA
Determining Mechanisms of Hg Methylation by HgcA and intramolecular Hg transfer by MerA at the Atomic Scale Jeremy Smith (smithjc@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PI), Project Leader: Scott C. Brooks, ORNL; Ariana Beste, UTK; Hao-Bo Guo, ORNL; Hong Guo, UTK; Alexander Johs, ORNL; Susan M. Miller, UCSF; Jerry M. Parks, ORNL, UTK; Demian Riccardi, ORNL; Anne O. Summers, UGA; Stephen J. Tomanicek, UTK; Jing Zhou, UTK (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Water and carbon fluxes into groundwater from a semi-arid floodplain vadose zone Tetsu Tokunaga (tktokunaga@lbl.gov) - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PI), Jiamin Wan*, Wenming Dong*, Kenneth H. Williams*, Mark J. Robbins*, Yongman Kim*, Boris Faybishenko*, Mark E. Conrad*, John N. Christensen*, Chad Hobson*, Benjamin Gilbert*, Richard Dayvault (Stoller Corp.),; Philip E. Long*, Susan S. Hubbard* (Project Lead); (*LBNL) (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Sustainable Systems SFA Data Management and Assimilation Charuleka Varadharajan (cvaradharajan@lbl.gov) - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Deborah Agarwal, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PI), Roelof Versteeg, Subsurface Insights; Boris Faybishenko, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Capturing Transient Climate-Driven Contributions of Surface to Subsurface Processes at Watershed Scales David Watson (watsondb@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Scott Brooks (PI), Scott Brooks - ORNL Project Lead, Guoping Tang - ORNL, Chris Schadt - ORNL, Nathan Collier - ORNL, Pengsong Li - Peking University, and Fengming Yuan - ORNL (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Floodplains as biogeochemical reactors: Using multi-scale approaches to quantify hot spots and hot moments at DOE's Rifle, Colorado field site Kenneth Williams (khwilliams@lbl.gov) project leader - LBNL, Susan S. Hubbard (LBNL)(PI), Adrian Flores Orozco (Technical University of Vienna), Matthias Bucker (Univ. of Bonn), Chad Hobson (LBNL), Haruko Wainwright (LBNL), Baptiste Dafflon (LBNL), Mark Conrad (LBNL), Tetsu Tokunaga (LBNL), John Bargar (SSRL), (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Seasonal Hydrology and Biogeochemical Hot Spots: Carbon, Nitrogen and Mineralogic Controls on Suboxic Conditions in the Rifle Floodplain Aquifer Steve Yabusaki (yabusaki@pnnl.gov) – PNNL (PI), B. Arora, LBNL; N.F. Spycher, LBNL; S. Molins, LBNL; R.M. Maxwell, Colorado School of Mines; J. Beisman, Colorado School of Mines; A. Navarre-Sitchler, Colorado School of Mines; Y. Fang, PNNL; E.L. Brodie, LBNL; C.I. Steefel, LBNL; S.S. Hubbard, LBNL Project Leader; Sustainable Systems SFA 2.0 Science Team (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory SFA: Hydro-Biogeochemical Process Dynamics in the Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction Zone John Zachara (john.zachara@pnnl.gov) - PNNL (PI); Jim Fredrickson, PNNL; Tim Scheibe, PNNL; Xingyuan Chen, PNNL; Glenn Hammond, SNL; Maoyi Huang, PNNL; Chongxuan Liu, PNNL; Chris Murray, PNNL; James Stegen, PNNL; Charlette Geffen, PNNL (Co-PIs). SBR SFA
Speciation of uranium controls its kinetics of reduction by metal-reducing bacteria Keaton Belli (keaton.belli@gatech.edu) - Georgia Institute of Technology, Martial Taillefert (PI), Georgia Tech School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences; Philippe Van Cappellen, University of Waterloo Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences; Carl Steefel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Co-PIs). SBR Student
Extensive genomic sampling of subsurface microbes provides a new view of the phylogeny and metabolic potential of the bacterial Candidate Phyla OD1 and OP11 Christopher Brown (ctb@berkeley.edu) - UC Berkeley, Jillian F. Banfield (PI). SBR Student
Organic Matter Sources in the Speciation and Mobilization of Pu in the Subsurface Environment of the Rocky Flats Site Nicole DiDonato (ndidonat@odu.edu) - Old Dominion University, Dr. Peter Santschi (PI), Dr. Patrick Hatcher, ODU; Dr. Chen Xu, TAMUG; Dr. Kathleen A. Schwehr, TAMUG (Co-PIs). SBR Student
Identification of Multiple Mercury Sources to Stream Sediments near Oak Ridge, TN, USA Patrick Donovan (pmdon@umich.edu) - University of Michigan, Joel D. Blum (PI), Baohua Gu (ORNL); Jason D. Demers (U of Michigan) (Co-PIs). SBR Student
Illite spatial distribution regulates Cr(VI) adsorption capacity and kinetics Li Wang (wangli2008ying@gmail.com) - Penn State University, Li Li (PI). SBR Student
Induced Polarization Signature of Biofilms in Porous Media: From Laboratory Experiments to Theoretical Developments and Validation Estella Atekwana (estella.atekwana@okstate.edu) - Oklahoma State University (PI), Marianna Patrauchan - Oklahoma State University; Andre Revil; Colorado School of Mines (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Isotopic Characterization of Biogeochemical Pools of Mercury and Determination of Reaction Pathways for Mercury Methylation Joel Blum (jdblum@umich.edu) - Univ of Michigan, J Blum (PI), B Gu, ORNL; J Demers, Univ Mich; F He, ORNL; W Zheng, ORNL (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Reactivity of Iron-Bearing Phyllosilicates with Uranium and Chromium Through Redox Transition Zones Bill Burgos (wdb3@psu.edu) - Penn State University (PI), Hailiang Dong, Miami University (Ohio) (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Inorganic Geochemical Controls on Neptunium Transport: Co-Precipitation in Minerals Peter Burns (pburns@nd.edu) - University of Notre Dame(PI). SBR University Award
Dominant Mechanisms of Uranium-Phosphate Reactions in Subsurface Sediments Jeffrey Catalano (catalano@wustl.edu) - Washington University in St. Louis (PI), Daniel E. Giammar, Washington University in St. Louis; Zheming Wang, PNNL (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Uranium fate in acidic waste-weathered sediments: Scaling of molecular processes to predict reactive transport Jon Chorover (chorover@cals.arizona.edu) - University of Arizona (PI), Peggy O'Day; Carl Steefel; Karl Mueller; Wooyong Um; John Zachara; Estela Reinoso-Maset; Nico Perdrial; Angelica Vazquez-Ortega; Masa Kanematsu (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Bacterial Nanowires and Extracellular Electron Transfer to Heavy Metals and Radionuclides by Bacterial Isolates from DOE Field Research Centers Yuri Gorby (gorbyy@rpi.edu) - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (PI), Matthew Fields, Montana State University; Lauren Franco, Montana State University, Manfred Auer, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; Edmond Leung, University of Southern California, and Shiue-Lin Li, University of Southern California (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Methods to Quantify Mercury Bioavailability in Sulfidic Sediments Helen Hsu-Kim (hsukim@duke.edu) - Duke University, (PI). SBR University Award
Fate of Uranium During Transport Across the Groundwater-Surface Water Interface Peter Jaffe (jaffe@princeton.edu) - Princeton University (PI), H.S. Chang (Univ. Georgia), E. Gilson, (Princeton University), Kaplan, D. Li (SRNL), P. Koster van Groos (Princeton Univ.), A.D. Peacock (Microbial Insights), K. Scheckel (EPA), and John Seaman (Univ. Georgia) (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Integrated geophysical measurements for bioremediation monitoring: combining NMR, magnetic methods and SIP Kristina Keating (kmkeat@andromeda.rutgers.edu) - Rutgers University (PI), Rutgers University; Dimitris Ntarlagiannis, Rutgers University; Kenneth Williams, LBNL (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Identification of a c-type cytochrome involved in Mn(IV) reduction in Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans strain 2CP-C Frank Loeffler (frank.loeffler@utk.edu) - University of Tennessee & Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PI), Susan Pfiffner, University of Tennessee; Robert Hettich, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Going Wireless: Fe(III) Oxide Reduction without Pili by Geobacter sulfurreducens Strain JS-1 Derek Lovley (dlovley@microbio.umass.edu) - University of Massachusetts (PI). SBR University Award
SMART (Subsurface Microbial Activity in Real Time) Technology for Real-Time Monitoring of Subsurface Microbial Metabolism Derek Lovley (dlovley@microbio.umass.edu) - University of Massachusetts (PI). SBR University Award
Radiocarbon Signature of Microbial DNA from a Reducing Zone of a Floodplain aquifer, Rifle Colorado Brian Mailloux (bmaillou@barnard.edu) - Barnard College (PI); Alison Spodek Keimowitz (co-PI) - Vassar College; James F Ranville (co-PI), Valerie Stucker, Jonathan O. Sharp - Colorado School of Mines; Kenneth H. Williams - LBNL; Bruce Buchholz - LLNL. SBR University Award
Real-time, on-site and quantitative detection of bioavailable radionuclides and heavy metals in contaminated water at DOE sites Debapriya Mazumdar (pmazumdar@andalyze.com) - ANDalyze Inc., Yi Lu (PI), Yi Lu, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign - PI; Debapriya Mazumdar, ANDalyze Inc. Co-PI (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Strikingly Different Form of Organic Carbon in Soils of Temperate and Permafrost Soils: Implications for Carbon and Metal Cycling Satish Myneni (smyneni@princeton.edu) - Princeton University (PI). SBR University Award
Development of a Self-Consistent Model of Plutonium Sorption: Quantification of Sorption Enthalpy and Ligand-Promoted Dissolution Brian Powell (bpowell@clemson.edu) - Clemson University (PI), Daniel I. Kaplan, Savannah River National Laboratory; Yuji Arai, University of Illinois - Urbana Campaign; Udo Becker, University of Michigan; Rod Ewing, Standford University (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Using mercury-resistant bacteria to examine the effects of thiol complexation and thiol and Mer transporters on the microbial bioavailability of inorganic Hg and methylmercury John Reinfelder (reinfelder@envsci.rutgers.edu) - Rutgers University, Nathan Yee (PI), Nathan Yee, Rutgers University; Tamar Barkay, Rutgers University (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Plutonium Immobilization and Mobilization by Soil Organic Matter Peter H. Santschi (Santschi@tamug.edu) - Texas A&M University (PI), Kathleen A. Schwehr, Chen Xu, Matthew Athon, Yi- Fang Ho, ; 2Patrick G. Hatcher, Nichole Didonato; 3Daniel I. Kaplan (Co-PIs). 1Department of Marine Sciences, Texas A&M Univ.; 2Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, College of Sciences, Old Dominion University; 3 Savannah River National Laboratory. SBR University Award
Collaborative Research: The Importance of Organo-Iodine and Iodate in Iodine-127,129 Speciation, Mobility, and Microbial Activity in Groundwater at DOE Sites Peter H. Santschi (santschi@tamug.edu) - Texas A&M University (PI), Kathleen A. Schwehr, Saijin Zhang, Chen Xu, Hsiu-Ping Li, Yi-Fang Ho, and Russell Grandbois (Texas A&M Univ.-Galveston); Daniel Kaplan and Kimberly A. Roberts (SRNL), and Chris M. Yeager (LANL) (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
A comparison of Hg(II) uptake and accumulation between mercury methylating and non-methylating bacteria Jeffra Schaefer (jschaefer@envsci.rutgers.edu) - Rutgers University (PI), Francois M. M. Morel; Department of Geosciences; Princeton University (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Electron Transfer and Atom Exchange Between Fe(II) and Structural Fe(III) in Clays Michelle Scherer (michelle-scherer@uiowa.edu) - University of Iowa (PI), Kevin M. Rosso PNNL; Brian L. Beard and Clark M. Johnson U. Wisconsin; Maxim I. Boyanov, Kenneth M. Kemner, and Edward J. O'Loughlin ANL (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Geochemical zonation linked to microbial spatial distribution and microbe-mineral interactions in metal-immobilizing systems Jonathan (Josh) Sharp (jsharp@mines.edu) - Colorado School of Mines (PI), S.M. Webb and J.R. Bargar - Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
238U/235U as an indicator of re-oxidation of U(IV) in the subsurface of remediated sites Alyssa Shiel (ashiel@illinois.edu) - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Craig Lundstrom (PI), Thomas Johnson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Identifying Components of Toxic Metal Stress and Hg Methylation with Global Proteomics Anne Summers (summers@uga.edu) - University of Georgia (PI); Susan M. Miller, University of California-San Francisco; Mary S. Lipton, EMSL, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Judy Wall, University of Missouri-Columbia (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Mineral Solubility and Free Energy Controls on Microbial Reaction Kinetics: Application to Contaminant Transport in the Subsurface Martial Taillefert (mtaillef@eas.gatech.edu) - Georgia Institute of Technology (PI), Philippe Van Cappellen, University of Waterloo; Carl Steefel, LBNL (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Survival During Long Term Starvation: Global Proteomics Analysis of Geobacter sulfurreducens Under Prolong Electron Acceptor and Donor Limitation Ming Tien (mxt3@psu.edu) - Penn State University (PI), Susan Brantley, Penn State University (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Microbiological-enhanced mixing across scales during in-situ bioreduction of metals and radionuclides at Department of Energy Sites Albert Valocchi (valocchi@illinois.edu) - University of Illinois, (PI); Charles J. Werth; Wen-Tso Liu; Robert Sanford; (University of Illinois) (Co-PIs). SBR University Award
Long-term uranium sequestration as nitrate invades a previously reduced zone - DOE Oak Ridge IFRC site Weimin Wu (billwu@stanford.edu) - Stanford University, Craig S. Criddle (PI). SBR University Award
Hg(0) oxidation by Anaerobic Bacteria Nathan Yee (nyee@envsci.rutgers.edu) - Rutgers University (PI), John R. Reinfelder (Rutgers); Tamar Barkay (Rutgers) (Co- PIs). SBR University Award
Understanding Interannual Variability of Long Term Flux Measurements over Oak Savanna and Annual Grassland Dennis Baldocchi (baldocchi@berkeley.edu) - University of California, Berkeley (PI), Siyan Ma (co-author) (Co-Pi). AmeriFlux
AmeriFlux Management Program QA/QC Technical Team Sebastien Biraud (scbiraud@lbl.gov) - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PI), Stephen Chan 1, Chad Hanson 2, David Billesbach 3, and Margaret Torn 1; 1: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 2: Oregon State University; 3: University of Nebraska, Lincoln (Co-Pis). AmeriFlux
Connecting ecosystem carbon observatories in Europe and USA - the COOPEUS project and the ICOS infrastructure Dario Papale (darpap@unitus.it) - ICOS ETC - University of Tuscia, Viterbo (ITALY), (PI). AmeriFlux
AmeriFlux Data Collection, Processing, and Data User Support Gilberto Pastorello (gzpastorello@lbl.gov) - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Margaret Torn (PI), Deb Agarwal (project leader); Dario Papale; Cristina Poindexter; Boris Faybishenko; Tom Boden; (Co-PIs). AmeriFlux
The AmeriFlux Management Project: Overview Margaret Torn (mstorn@lbl.gov) - Berkeley Lab (PI), Dennis Baldocchi, UC Berkeley; Deb Agarwal, Berkeley Lab; Sebastien Biraud, Berkeley Lab; (Co-PIs). AmeriFlux
Model-data scaling approaches for assessing the pan-Arctic permafrost carbon feedback Daniel Hayes (hayesdj@ornl.gov) - ORNL (PI). TES Early Career
Methane Oxidation in Boreal Peatlands: A Joint Field, Laboratory and Modeling Investigation Rebecca Neumann (rbneum@u.washington.edu) - University of Washington (PI). TES Early Career
Quantifying the interactions between plant water uptake and hydraulic redistribution on the components of evapotranspiration in a mature, unmanaged forest stand Christopher Oishi (acoishi@fs.fed.us) - USDA Forest Service, Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, Jean-Christophe Domec (PI)- North Carolina State University & Duke University; John King- North Carolina State University; Asko Noormets- North Carolina State University; Ram Oren- Duke University.; Sari Palmroth- Duke University; Jennifer Swenson- Duke University (Co-PIs). TES Federal Agency-Led
Climate feedbacks in drylands: linking carbon cycling and energy balance above- and belowground Sasha Reed (screed@usgs.gov) - US Geological Survey (PI), Anthony Darrouzet-Nardi USGS; Tom Painter Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Jayne Belnap USGS (Co-PIs). TES Federal Agency-Led
Carbon Dynamics of Forest Recovery under a Changing Climate: Forcings, Feedbacks, and Implications for Earth System Modeling Kristina Anderson-Teixeira (teixeirak@si.edu) - Smithsonian (PI), Adam D. Miller, Smithsonian; Jennifer McGarvey, Smithsonian; Michael Dietze, Boston University; David LeBauer, University of Illinois; Benjamin D. Duval, USDA ARS; Evan H. DeLucia, University of Illinois (Co-PIs). TES Institute
Solar Induced Fluorescence: Theory and Measurement Approaches Joe Berry (jberry@carnegiescience.edu) - Carnegie Institution for Science (PI), Jung-Eun Lee, Brown Univ; Pierre Gentine, Columbia Univ; Benjamin Lintner, Rutgers Univ. (Co-PIs). TES Institute
Hydraulic Redistribution of Water through Plant Roots and Implications for Carbon Cycling and Energy Fux at Multiple Scales Zoe Cardon (zcardon@mbl.edu) - Marine Biological Laboratory (PI/Project leader); Rebecca Neumann, University of Washington; Guiling Wang, University of Connecticut; Daniel Gage, University of Connecticut (Co-PIs). TES Institute
Large-scale shifts in land metabolic activity indicated by changing seasonal cycle of atmospheric CO2... Ralph Keeling (rkeeling@ucsd.edu) - Scripps Institution of Oceanography (PI). TES Institute
Methane Emissions from Upland Trees Scott Pitz (megonigalp@si.edu) - Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Patrick Megonigal- Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (PI/ project leader); Lisa Schile- Smithsonian Environmental Research Center; Katalin Szlavecz- Johns Hopkins University (Co-Pis). TES Institute
Partitioning Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Contributions to Soil Respiration: A Tale of Two Trenches Kathleen Savage (savage@whrc.org) - The Woods Hole Research Center, Scott Saleska (PI), Eric Davidson; Rich Wehr- U of Arizona; Adrien Finzi- Boston U; Paul Moorecroft- Harvard U; (Co-PIs). TES Institute
Physiological controls of stem respiration and soil respiration in a temperate forest Jianwu Tang (jtang@mbl.edu) - MBL Ecosystems Center (PI). TES Institute
Development of reduced order models to capture subgrid-scale soil moisture dynamics in a polygonal tundra landscape Gautam Bisht (gbisht@lbl.gov) - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PI), George S. H. Pau (LBL), William J. Riley (LBL) (Co-PIs). NGEE Arctic
Modeling controls on the decomposition of Soil Organic Matter Dipankar Dwivedi (ddwivedi@lbl.gov) - LBL (PI), William J. Riley, Bardan Ghimire, Gautam Bisht, Jinyun Tang, Margaret S. Torn (Co-PIs). NGEE Arctic
NGEE Arctic: Biogeochemical controls on microbial CO2 and CH4 production in polygonal soils from the Barrow Environmental Observatory David Graham (grahamde@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Stan Wullschleger (ORNL) (PI), Taniya Roy Chowdhury (ORNL); Elizabeth Herndon (ORNL); Mallory Ladd (UT Knoxville); Dwayne Elias (ORNL); Tommy J. Phelps (ORNL/UT Knoxville); Baohua Gu (ORNL); Liyuan Liang (ORNL) (Co-PIs). NGEE Arctic
Biogeochemical processes affecting Arctic tundra soil organic matter degradation and greenhouse gas emission Baohua Gu (gub1@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PI); Elizabeth M. Herndon (ORNL); Benjamin F. Mann (ORNL); Taniya Roy Chowdhury (ORNL); John R. Bargar (SLAC); Stan Wullschleger (ORNL); David Graham (ORNL); Liyuan Liang (ORNL) (Co-PIs). NGEE Arctic
Representativeness-Based Sampling Network Design and Scaling Strategies for Measurements in Arctic and Tropical Ecosystems Forrest Hoffman (forrest@climatemodeling.org) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Stan Wullschleger (PI), Jitendra Kumar (ORNL), Zachary Langford (ORNL), Nathan Collier (ORNL), Victoria Sloan (ORNL), Richard T. Mills (Intel Corp.), William W. Hargrove (USDA Forest Service) (Co-PIs). NGEE Arctic
The NGEE Arctic Data Archive -- Portal for Archiving and Distributing Data and Documentation Terri Killeffer (killefferts@ornl.gov) - ORNL, Tom Boden (ORNL) (PI), Giri Palanisamy (ORNL), Ranjeet Devarakonda (ORNL), Terri Killeffer (ORNL), Misha Krassovski (ORNL), Les Hook (ORNL) (Co-PIs). NGEE Arctic
Multi-scale modeling of hydrologic and biogeochemical processes in Arctic ecosystems Jitendra Kumar (jkumar@climatemodeling.org) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PI), Nathan Collier, ORNL; Fengming Yuan, ORNL; Guoping Tang, ORNL; Gautam Bisht, LBNL; Xiaofeng Xu, ORNL; Peter Thornton, ORNL (Co-PIs). NGEE Arctic
Pan-arctic ice wedge degradation in continuous permafrost and hydrological implications Anna Liljedahl (akliljedahl@alaska.edu) - University of Alaska Fairbanks1, Stan Wullschleger (PI), Julia Boike2, Ronald P. Daanen3, Gerald V. Frost4, Guido Grosse2, Nadya Matveyeva5, Marius Necsoiu6, Martha K. Raynolds7, Vladimir Romanovsky8, Donald A. Walker7; (Co-PIs). NGEE Arctic
Use of Environmental Tracers for Multi-Scale Investigation of Hydrologic Mixing and Connectivity in the Arctic Coastal Plain, near Barrow, Alaska Brent Newman (bnewman@lanl.gov) - Los Alamos National Laboratory (PI), Jeff Heikoop, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Cathy Wilson, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Stan Wullschleger, Oak Ridge National Laboratory & Project Leader (Co-PIs). NGEE Arctic
Status of NGEE-Arctic Track 2 Model Development: Incorporating Dynamic Topography in Fine-scale Models Scott Painter (spainter@lanl.gov) - Los Alamos National Laboratory (PI), Ethan Coon (LANL); Markus Berndt (LANL); Rao Garimella (LANL); David Moulton (LANL); Cathy Wilson (LANL); Peter Thornton (ORNL) (Co-PIs). NGEE Arctic
Three-phase models for thermal hydrology of frozen, variably saturated soils Scott Painter (spainter@lanl.gov) - Los Alamos National Laboratory (PI), Satish Karra (Co-PIs). NGEE Arctic
Photosynthesis, Earth System Models and the Arctic Alistair Rogers (arogers@bnl.gov) - Brookhaven National Laboratory, Stan Wullschleger (PI), Rachel A. Wyatt, University of New Brunswick; Bryn M. Morgan, LANL; Victoria L. Sloan, ORNL; Chonggang Xu, LANL; Shawn Serbin, BNL; Nathan G. McDowell, LANL; David S. Kubien, University of New Brunswick; Richard J. Norby, ORNL; Stan D. Wullschleger, ORNL (Co- PIs). NGEE Arctic
The role of lateral transport on storage and fate of soil carbon in permafrost dominated hillslopes and hollows Joel Rowland (jrowland@lanl.gov) - Los Alamos National Laboratory (PI), Eitan Shelef - Los Alamos National Laboratory; ; Cathy Wilson - Los Alamos National Laboratory (Co-PIs). NGEE Arctic
Radiocarbon measurements to assess soil carbon vulnerability in Arctic coastal tundra Lydia Smith (lydiajsmith@lbl.gov) - University of California, Berkeley, Margaret Torn, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PI), Stan Wullschleger (Co-PIs). NGEE Arctic
Metagenomics and microbial community profiling across polygon features at the Next Generation Ecosystem Experiment (NGEE)-Arctic Barrow site Neslihan Tas (ntas@lbl.gov) - LBNL, Janet K. Jansson (PI), Margaret Torn, Lydia Smith, Shi Wang, Yuxin Wu, Craig Ulrich, Baptiste Dafflon, Timothy Kneafsey, David Graham, Susannah Tringe, Tanja Woyke, Susan Hubbard, Stan Wullschleger (Co- PIs). NGEE Arctic
NGEE-Arctic: migrating knowledge across scales to improve climate prediction Peter Thornton (thorntonpe@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Stan Wullschleger (PI). NGEE Arctic
Multi-scale Geophysical Studies at the NGEE-Arctic Site Yuxin Wu (YWu3@lbl.gov) - Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Stan D. Wullschleger (PI). NGEE Arctic
Characterizing rooting depth distribution and nitrogen acquisition by dominant tundra plant species... Stan Wullschleger (wullschlegsd@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PI), Ingrid J. Slette, ORNL; Stan D. Wullschleger, ORNL; Colleen M. Iversen, ORNL; Victoria L. Sloan, ORNL; Joanne Childs, ORNL; Richard J. Norby, ORNL (Co- PIs). NGEE Arctic
Temporal, Spatial, and Uncertainty Aspects of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuel Combustion: Highlights of the Last Two Years of TES Funding Robert Andres (andresrj@ornl.gov) - ORNL, Paul Hanson (PI). TES SFA
Controls over biogenic volatile organic compounds from Amazon forests as part of GoAmazon Jeffrey Chambers (jchambers@lbl.gov) – LBNL (PI), Kolby Jardine, LBNL; Jennifer Holm, LBNL; Ryan G. Knox, LBNL; Andrea Teixeira, LBNL; Jose F. de Goncalves, INPA; Niro Higuchi, INPA; Antonio Manzi, INPA; Margaret Torn, INPA (Co-PIs). TES SFA
Full-column Greenhouse Gas Profiles Measured at ARM SGP Marc Fischer (mlfischer@lbl.gov) – LBNL (PI), C. Sweeney, A. Karion, J. Higgs, T. Newberger, S. Wolter, S. Biraud, R. Chadwick, D. Wunch, P. Wennberg, P. Tans (Co-PIs). TES SFA
Vertical profiles of peat pore water chemistry in a northern peatland reveal dynamic element cycles ... Natalie Griffiths (griffithsna@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PI), Stephen D. Sebestyen, USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, Grand Rapids, MN (Co-PIs). TES SFA
Lack of explicit representation of mesophyll diffusion explains persistent overestimation of growth rates of historical atmospheric CO2 by Earth System Models Lianhong Gu (lianhong-gu@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PI), Stephen G. Pallardy; University of Missouri (Co- PIs). TES SFA
ORNL's Terrestrial Ecosystem Science Scientific Focus Area -2014 Paul J. Hanson (hansonpj@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PI), Daniel M. Ricciuto, ORNL; Peter E. Thornton, ORNL; Project Participants 134 TES SFA
ORNL's TES SFA Data and Model Management and Archiving Facilitate Data Sharing and Model-Data Integration Les Hook (hookla@ornl.gov) – ORNL (PI), Ranjeet Devarakonda^, Jeffery S. Riggs*, Misha B. Krassovski^, Paul J. Hanson^, and Thomas A. Boden^; ; ^Environmental Sciences and *Logistical Services Divisions, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Co- PIs). TES SFA
Impact of fire and natural thaw on permafrost microbial ecology Janet Jansson (jrjansson@lbl.gov) - LBNL (PI), Margaret Torn, LBNL; Mark Waldrop (USGS) ; Jenni Hultman (LBNL); Neslihan Tas (LBNL) (Co-PIs). TES SFA
Climatic and edaphic effects on root- and leaf-litter carbon inputs to temperate forest soils Julie Jastrow (jdjastrow@anl.gov) - Argonne National Laboratory (PI), Roser Matamala, ANL ; Karis McFarlane, LLNL; Zhaosheng Fan, ANL; Rachel Porras, LBNL; Margaret Torn, LBNL; Tom Guilderson, LLNL; Paul Hanson, ORNL (Co-PIs). TES SFA
ANL Terrestrial Ecosystem Science SFA: Soil Carbon Response to Environmental Change Julie Jastrow (jdjastrow@anl.gov) - Argonne National Laboratory (PI), Roser Matamala, ANL; Zhaosheng Fan, ANL; Umakant Mishra, ANL; Chien-Lu Ping, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Gary Michaelson, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Francisco Calderon, USDA-ARS; Vladimir Romanovsky, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Alexander Kholodov, University of Alaska Fairbanks (Co-PIs). TES SFA
Drought shifts internal carbon partitioning of recent photosynthates in black spruce trees: From bud to mature shoot Anna Jensen (jensenam@ornl.gov) - ORNL, Jeffrey M Warren (PI) Environmental Sciences Division and Climate Change Science Institute, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. TES SFA
Functional unit testing of the Community Land Model at the PiTS-1 field experiment Anthony King (kingaw@ornl.com) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Peter Thornton (PI), Dan Ricciuto, ORNL; Dali Wang, ORNL; Jeffrey Warren, ORNL (Co-PIs). TES SFA
Simulation of the Community Land Model in a pine stand with 13CO2 and shading manipulations Jiafu Mao (maoj@ornl.gov) - ORNL (PI). TES SFA
Differences in Biomass Distribution and Production Budgets between Cropland and Prairie Grassland.. Roser Matamala (matamala@anl.gov) - Argonne National Laboratory (PI), Zhaosheng Fan, ANL, Biosciences Division; David R. Cook, ANL, Environmental Science Division (Co-PIs). TES SFA
Microbial dormancy in terrestrial ecosystem models Melanie Mayes (mayesma@ornl.gov) - ORNL (PI), Gangsheng Wang (ORNL); Sindhu Jagadamma (ORNL); Chris Schadt (ORNL) (Co-PIs). TES SFA
The effects of whole profile soil warming on decomposition of native soil carbon and 13C-labeled root inputs Caitlin Pries (cehpries@lbl.gov) - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Margaret Torn (PI), Biao Zhu, John Curtis, Cristina Castanha, Rachel Porras, Don Herman (LBNL) (Co-Pis). TES SFA
Modeling the Hydrological dynamics of the SPRUCE S1 Bog Daniel Ricciuto (ricciutodm@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Peter Thornton (PI) (ORNL), Xiaoying Shi (ORNL); Jiafu Mao (ORNL); Paul Hanson (ORNL); Steve Sebestyen (USFS); Natalie Griffiths (ORNL); (Co-PIs). TES SFA
Scoping potential microbial responses to warming and drying in the SPRUCE peatland ecosystem Christopher Schadt (schadtcw@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Paul J. Hanson (PI), J. Megan Steinweg (University of Wisconsin - Baraboo/Sauk County); Michael S. Robeson; Zamin K. Yang; Joel E. Kostka (Georgia Tech) (Co-PIs). TES SFA
LBNL Terrestrial Ecosystem Science SFA: Belowground carbon cycling Margaret Torn (mstorn@lbl.gov) - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (PI), Caitlin Hicks Pries - LBNL; Biao Zhu - LBNL; William Riley - LBNL; Eoin Brodie - LBNL; Janet Jansson -LBNL; Peter Nico - LBNL (Co-PIs). TES SFA
Vegetation turnover and nitrogen feedback drive temperate forest carbon sequestration in response to elevated CO2. A multi-model analysis Anthony Walker (alp@ornl.gov) - ORNL, Richard Norby (PI). TES SFA
Microbial dormancy in terrestrial ecosystem models Gangsheng Wang (wangg@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, (PI). TES SFA
Experiment-inspired Software Design and Ecosystem Modular Testing for CLM Development Dali Wang (wangd@ornl.gov) – ORNL (PI), Y. Xu, University of Tennessee; J. Schuchart, Dresden University of Technology; T. Janjusic, National Center for Computational Science; F. Winkler, National Center for Computational Center; P. Thornton, Climate Change Science Institute; A. King, Climate Change Science Institute; L. Gu, Climate Change Science Institute (Co- PIs). TES SFA
Plant water relations in an ombrotrophic bog (SPRUCE S1) - partitioning water use and stress tolerance among components Jeff Warren (warrenjm@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PI), Joanne Childs, ORNL; David Weston, ORNL; Anna M. Jensen, ORNL; Stan D. Wullschleger, ORNL (Co-PIs). TES SFA
Integrating In-situ Data with a Model for Examining Community-level CO2 and CH4 flux in a Carbon- rich Peatland in Northern Minnesota Xiaofeng Xu (xux4@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PI), Paul J. Hanson, Daniel Ricciuto, Jana R. Phillips, Xiaoying Shi, Jeffery S. Riggs, Colleen M. Iversen, David J. Weston, L.A. Hook, and Peter E. Thornton; Climate Change Science Institute and Environmental Sciences Division, ORNL (Co-PIs). TES SFA
The Genetic Potential of Microbial Depolymerization of SPRUCE Peatland in Marcell Experimental Forest, MN Fan Yang (fyang@iastate.edu) - Iowa State University, Kirsten S. Hofmockel (PI), Erik A. Hobbie-University of New Hampshire (Co-Pis). TES SFA
Nutrient regulation of tropical ecosystem responses to environmental changes: a case study in the Amazon region Xiaojuan Yang (yangx2@ornl.gov) - Oak Ridge National Lab, (PI). TES SFA
Seasonality of C allocation to roots in a mid-latitude forest Rose Abramoff (rza@bu.edu) - Boston University, Scott R. Saleska - University of Arizona - project leader (PI), Richard Andrew Wehr - University of Arizona, Adrien C. Finzi - Boston University, Paul R. Moorcroft - Harvard University, J. William Munger - Harvard University, Eric A. Davidson - Woods Hole Research Center, Kathleen E. Savage - Woods Hole Research Center (Co-PIs). TES Student
Annual balances of CO2 and CH4 from drained agricultural peatlands and restored wetlands in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California Sara Knox (saraknox@berkeley.edu) - University of California, Berkeley, Dennis Baldocchi (PI). TES Student
Investigating the impact of the widespread differential mortality of Pinus edulus in piñon juniper woodlands: informing remote sensing with eddy-covariance Dan Krofcheck (Krofcheck@Gmail.com) - University of New Mexico, Marcy Litvak (PI), Nate Mcdowell, LANL; Robert Sinsabaugh, UNM Biology; Andrew Fox, NCAR (Co-PIs). TES Student
Divergence in how roots and mycorrhizae affect microbial decomposition Jessica Moore (jessica.am.bryant@gmail.com) - University of Tennessee, Aimee Classen (PI), Melanie Mayes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Co-PIs). TES Student
Variation in Microbial Processes Controlling Carbon Mineralization within Wetland Soils Michael Schaefer (mvschaef@stanford.edu) - Stanford University; Scott Fendorf, Stanford - Project Leader (PI); Marco Keiluweit, Stanford; Morris Jones, Stanford; Sharon Bone, SSRL; John Bargar, SSRL; Scott Fendorf, (Co-PIs). TES Student
Pore- to Core-Scale Research to Inform Ecosystem-Scale Soil C Biogeochemistry Vanessa Bailey (vanessa.bailey@pnnl.gov) - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PI), Ben Bond-Lamberty; Chongxuan Liu (Co-PIs). TES Lab
Multiscale Simulations of Hydrological and Biogeochemical Processes from the Pore to Ecosystem Scales Chongxuan Liu (chongxuan.liu@pnnl.gov) - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PI), Ben Bond-Lamberty; Vanessa Bailey (Co-PIs). TES Lab
Woodland mortality in a long-term drought experiment Nate McDowell (mcdowell@lanl.gov) - LANL (PI), Sanna Sevanto; Will Pockman (Co-PIs). TES Lab
Functioning of wetlands as a source of atmospheric methane: a multi-scale and multi-disciplinary approach at SPRUCE Jennifer Pett-Ridge (pettridge2@llnl.gov) - Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Karis McFarlane (PI), Xavier Mayali-LLNL; Mike Singleton-LLNL; Ate Visser-LLNL; Brad Esser-LLNL; Tom Guilderson-LLNL (Co-PIs). TES Lab
Differences in hydraulic strategy show in plant responses to heat and drought treatments Sanna Sevanto (sanna@lanl.gov) - Los Alamos National Laboratory, Nate McDowell (PI) (project leader); Chonggang Xu (Co- PIs). TES Lab
Optimizing ground-penetrating radar for measurement of coarse root biomass and its application in determining elevated CO2 legacy effects in an 11-year Florida experiment John Bain (johncbain@gmail.com) - Old Dominion University, Frank P. Day (PI) (project leader) - Old Dominion University; John R. Butnor, USDA Forest Service (Co-PIs). TES University Award
Changes in Soil Microbial Community Structure and Function in a Chronosequence of Warming Experiments at Harvard Forest Jeffrey Blanchard (jeffb@bio.umass.edu) - University of Massachusetts (PI), Kristen DeAngelis, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Jerry Melillo, Marine Biological Laboratories (Co-PIs). TES University Award
Multi-scale carbon cycle observations and ecosystem process modeling at Niwot Ridge, Colorado David Bowling (david.bowling@utah.edu) - University of Utah (PI); Charles Koven, LBNL; Britton Stephens, NCAR; Mark Williams, U. Colorado (Co-PIs). TES University Award
Quantifying the role of topographical and edaphic complexity on coupled energy, water, and carbon cycles in forested, montane ecosystems Paul Brooks (pdbrooks@email.arizona.edu) - University of Arizona, Holly Barnard2 (PI), Hallie R. Adams2, Erin Berryman2,3, Margaret Burns2, Erika L. Gallo1 , Clare Stielsra1, and Tyson Swetnam1; (Co-PIs). 1University of Arizona; 2University of Colorado-Boulder; 3Colorado State University. TES University Award
Towards the development of field methods to characterize environmental controls on rhizosphere priming effects Edward Brzostek (edbrzost@indiana.edu) - Indiana University, Jeffrey Dukes (PI), Richard Phillips, Indiana University (Co- PIs). TES University Award
Improving Land-Surface Modeling of Evapotranspiration Processes in Tropical Forests Tony Cahill (tcahill@civil.tamu.edu) - Texas A&M University, Gretchen Miller (PI); Georgianne Moore (Co-PIs). TES University Award
Large variability in ecosystem models explains a critical parameter for quantifying GPP with carbonyl sulfide Elliott Campbell (ecampbell3@ucmerced.edu) - UC Merced, John Campbell (PI), Ulrike Seibt, UCLA; Joe Berry, Carnegie; Margaret Torn, LBNL; David Billesbach, U Nebraska (Co-PIs). TES University Award
Incorporating below ground biology and soil physical properties into a soil carbon degradation model through experimenting across ecotypes Aimee Classen (atclassen@gmail.com) - University of Tennessee & The University of Copenhagen (PI), Melanie Mayes ORNL (Co-PIs). TES University Award
Confronting models with regional CO2 observations to improve interpretation of drought stress and emissions (anthropogenic and fire) James Ehleringer (jim.ehleringer@utah.edu) - University of Utah (PI), John Lin, Utah; Britt Stephens, NCAR; Peter Thonrton, ORNL; Robert Andres, ORNL; (Co-PIs). TES University Award
Nutrient Cycle Impacts on Forest Ecosystem Carbon Cycling Joshua Fisher (joshbfisher@gmail.com) - UCLA (PI), Richard Phillips, Tom Evans (Indiana University) (Co-PIs). TES University Award
Climate change alters woody shrub carbon storage and utilization in a moist acidic tundra Charles Flower (cflowe3@uic.edu) - University of Illinois at Chicago, Miquel Gonzalez-Meler and Jeffery Welker (PI). TES University Award
Effects of Regional Groundwater on Tropical Rainforest Streams: Carbon Degassing and Particulate Organic Matter David Genereux (genereux@ncsu.edu) - North Carolina State University (PI), Dr. Christopher L. Osburn, North Carolina State University; Dr. Steven F. Oberbauer, Florida International University; Dr. Diana Oviedo-Vargas, North Carolina State University (Co-PIs). TES University Award
Carbon and water cycling following low-severity disturbance in an Upper Great Lakes forest: Empirical and modeling results from an AmeriFlux core site Christopher Gough (cmgough@vcu.edu) - Virginia Commonwealth University; Peter Curtis (PI); Gil Bohrer, Ohio State University; Knute Nadelhoffer, University of Michigan (Co-PIs). TES University Award
Carbon Dynamics of the Greater Everglades Watershed and Implications of Climate Change Ross Hinkle (rhinkle@ucf.edu) - University of Central Florida (PI), Brian Benscoter and Xavier Comas, Florida Atlantic University; David Sumner and Don DeAngeles, United States Geological Survey (Co-PIs). TES University Award
Spatial patterns and source attribution of CH4 emissions in an urban airshed to regional/global methane budgets Francesca Hopkins (fhopkins@uci.edu) - Dept. of Earth System Science, UC Irvine, Project leader: James Ehleringer, University of Utah; co-PI: James Randerson, University of California Irvine; co-PI: Chun-Ta Lai, San Diego State University. TES University Award
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Predictive Assimilation Framework for Subsurface Process Prediction. Roelof Versteeg (roelof.versteeg@subsurfaceinsights.com) - Subsurface Insights (PI). Other