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Terrestrial Ecosystem Science

Department of Energy National Laboratory Awards

The Terrestrial Ecosystem Science (TES) program supports a number of long-term activities at Department of Energy's national laboratories. TES leverages the National Laboratories’ unique technical and organization capabilities and specific areas of expertise in ways that advance the TES mission. National laboratory projects frequently involve external collaborators (including many universities) and are reviewed every three years by external peer panels.

Featured Projects

Current Projects

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(Last Name)
(First Name)
Institution Project Start Project End Title
Jastrow Julie Argonne National Laboratory 10/1/2013 8/30/2019 Soil Carbon Response to Environmental Change
McDowell Nate Los Alamos National Laboratory 10/1/2009 9/30/2017 Hydraulic Mechanisms of Survival and Mortality
Torn Margaret Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 6/1/2012 6/30/2020 AmeriFlux Network Management Project
Torn Margaret Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 10/1/2011 9/30/2017 Terrestrial Ecosystem Science at Berkeley Lab
Torn Margaret Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 10/1/2015 9/30/2017 Atmospheric Carbon: Measurements and Analyses of the Carbon Cycle
Chambers Jeffery Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 7/1/2014 6/30/2018 Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) Tropics
Norby Richard Oak Ridge National Laboratory 5/1/2012 9/30/2017 Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) Experiment Synthesis Activities
Hanson Paul Oak Ridge National Laboratory 8/1/2011 9/30/2018 Climate Change-Terrestrial Ecosystem Science SFA
Mansfield Betty Oak Ridge National Laboratory 7/1/2014 6/30/2018 Biological and Environmental Research Information System
Wullschleger Stan Oak Ridge National Laboratory 10/1/2011 9/14/2017 Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) Arctic
Bailey Vanessa Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 10/1/2011 9/30/2017 Soil Carbon Biogeochemistry
Hess Nancy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 8/1/2013 9/30/2017 BER-TES Sponsored Post-Doctoral Position at EMSL


Completed Projects

(Last Name)
(First Name)
Institution Project Start Project End Title
Dubey Manvendra Los Alamos National Laboratory 8/1/2013 9/30/2016 Solar FTS Amazon Deployment
Biraud Sebastien Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 1/1/2012 9/30/2014 ARM Airborne Carbon Measurements (ARM-A-CME)
Fischer Marc Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 1/1/2012 9/30/2014 Balloon-Borne Full-Column Greenhouse Gas Profiling

2019 ESS PI Meeting

Research summaries from the April 30-May 1, ESS PI Meeting are now available.

2018 ESS Awards Announced


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