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Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

Small business innovation research (SBIR) is a U.S. government program in which federal agencies with large research and development (R&D) budgets set aside a small fraction of their funding for competitions among small businesses only. Small businesses that win awards in these programs retain the rights to any technology developed and are encouraged to commercialize the technology.

Each year (typically in September), the Department of Energy (DOE) issues a funding opportunity solicitation inviting small businesses to apply for SBIR grants. For more specific information, see the DOE Office of Science SBIR/STTR website.


See also: current SBIR abstracts and Past Awards

(Last Name)
(First Name)
Institution Project Start Project End Title
Sonnenfroh David Physical Sciences Inc. May 2018 May 2020 Ultracompact Laser Ceilometer for Boundary Layer and Cloud Height Retrievals
Stanton Alan Southwest Sciences, Inc. April 2017 September 2019 Portable nitrous oxide sensor for understanding agricultural and soil emissions
Tannian Bridget Spectral Sciences, Inc. May 2019 May 2021 Compact, High Performance, Drone-mounted Spectral Imaging System for Ecosystem Carbon-Cycle


Past Awards

PI (Last Name) PI (First Name) Institution Project Start Project End Title
Albert Michael Fibertek, Inc, February 2017 February 2018 Novel Compact Ceilometer
Clemens Peter Headwall Photonics, Inc. February 2016 September 2016 Minitaurized VNIR-SWIR Hyperspectral Sensor Technology Platform for Unmanned Aerial Systems
Pieper Sean Sporian Microsystems, Inc. February 2016 November 2016 Miniaturized UAS Spectroradiometer for Quantifying Ecosystems
Swanson Rand Resonon, Inc. April 2016 April 2019 A Compact, Broad-Band Hyperspectral SpectroRadiometer
Ulmer Chris Physical Optics Corporation April 2016 January 2019 Mass Spectroscopy for Atmospheric Gas Analysis
Zang Fang Physical Optics Corporation February 2016 November 2016 High Resolution Miniature Multiband Spectroradiometer for UAS Platforms
Thorpe Michael Bridger Photonics, Inc. April 2015 April 2017 Lidar-Based High Resolution 3D Imager and Remote Gas Sensor: A New Paradigm for Terrestrial Environmental Monitoring
Sabin Gerald  Rnet Technologies, Inc. April 2015 April 2018  Ground Penetrating Radar System and Algorithms for Fine Root Analysis
Stanton Alan  Southwest Sciences, Inc. February 2014 February 2018  Portable Nitrous Oxide Sensor for Understanding Agricultural and Soil Emissions
Walsh David  Vista Clara Inc. April 2015 January 2018  Low Cost, Autonomous NMR and Multi-sensor Soil Monitoring Instrument
Choi Jae Physical Optics Corp. April 2016 April 2018 Mass Spectroscopy for Atmospheric Gas Analysis
Dupuis Julia Physical Sciences Inc. April 2016 April 2018 High Speed VNIR/SWIR Hyperspectral Imager for Quantifying Terrestrial Ecosystems
Goldstein Neil Spectral Sciences Inc. April 2017 April 2019 Compact, High Performance, Drone-mounted Spectral Imaging System for Ecosystem Carbon-Cycle Characterization and Agricultural Monitoring
Ulmer Chris Physical Optics Corp. February 2017 November 2017 Low-Power Micro Ceilometer
zzz Li-cor Biosciences (SBIR, Phase II) 2013 Low Cost Small Sample Volume High Precision Carbon Dioxide Analyzer
zzz Southwest Sciences, Inc. (SBIR, Phase II) 2013 Optical Tomography for 3D Imaging of Fine Roots

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